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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip Back to Tulsa After 1 Week Away! -Part 1

What made the move back to Fort Smith a little bit easier was knowing I was going to come back that next weekend for a girls weekend!
I met Jessica in Sallisaw at her friend Christina's apartment and then the 3 of us drove back to T-Town together. I had heard a ton about Christina and vice versa considering we are Jessica's closest friends, Christina and I had only met at Jess's Bachelorette Party back in May and at Jessica's wedding, but we really hadn't gotten to know each other. Luckily the weekend was a blast and we definitely hit it off! Thursday we just stayed up late talking out on the patio, doing what girls do! Poor Keith was a good sport and stayed inside! Friday morning Jessica had to do her volunteer shift at the Homeless Shelter so Christina and I drove around Tulsa and found the house she used to live in, hit up a few thrift stores, and by then it was time to pick Jessica back up. We had originally planned on getting dolled up and going out for dinner and drinks. We since we had gotten up so early by the time we picked her up..we were starving and we're still in casual clothes so we just hit up Taco Bueno and then met up with our friend Krystal at Target. So Friday night was spent out on the patio again with a few drinks this time. Christina hit it big that day though..she scored the cutest clothes for like $12! A top and 2 pair of jeans (Those I got pictures of!..Yay me!) We also found some retro windsuits and a aisle of coffee cups! I was very proud of myself..I didnt buy any! (I collect coffee cups..Its kind of odd but oh well)


Catching Up One Post At A Time--Fin & Feather Fall Festival

I cant believe I didn't post one single time in October. The whole month was pretty much a roller coaster of emotions and life changing events. Let's see. I'll try to update on everything from September 18th to now but I may have to continue tomorrow night when I get off work. Also, I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyway..but like Xanga, it will be fun to go back and read what happened to be in 2010 later on!

Eli and I moved back to Fort Smith on the 25th of September. I ended up being scheduled off that whole week of work so in a way it helped because I could get things taken care of and pack all of the stuff we had accumulated over the years. (Lets just say, We were still packing the morning of the move!..Hello Procrastination!) That being said, I tried to cram as much fun things into that week before we left! I hadn't been to the Fall Festival at Fin & Feather in years so I was kind of sad that it was the weekend of the 25th and we probably wouldn't get to go again this year. Well Jessica talked me into going with her, (We didnt get back till like 8, and I told Eli I would be home about 5ish..so she stayed till 1am helping me pack!) so she and I headed out Friday afternoon for a good ol' road trip together. She drove Keith's car which has a sunroof so you can imagine my delight when we had a good 2 hours to drive, country music, tons of laughter promised, and a sunroof to top it off! (We actually ended up being goofy and making a dance complete with hand motions I might add to "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland) It was definitely what I needed to bring my spirits up after that week and to get through the following morning. Sadly I didn't take many pictures while we were at the Festival. I'm still kind of sad about that. If you are from this neck of the woods, I'm sure you have heard of Fin & Feather. It's a resort on Lake Tenkiller. If not..hang your head in shame, and google it! =)
I wanted to buy one of everything at the booths...We ended up buying this wooden signs for just $5 (once again, I didn't get a picture of it) We decided on hot pink ones with black trim and black ribbon. The lady would personalize them there so on Jessica's she requested hers to say "The Gables" for her and Keith, and on mine since it looked girly I decided I wanted a cute quote..of course the first thing that popped in my head was "Pink is my signature color" out of the one and only Steel Magnolias! =) We met up with Heather and she went on and on about the food she planned on getting once we got there..Loaded Baked Potato topped with Brisket ....HELLO HEAVEN! It was amazing and so much..we all 3 ended up eating on it! Once again, bad blogger award for me..I didn't get a picture of it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bullets & Pictures!

As you can tell..I FAIL at keeping up the blogging habit, yet I faithfully read everyone elses blog. (Kinda makes me sound like a creeper doesn't it?..whoops!)  My blog title sounds like a Country song to me! LOL
Anyways..I've been in just one of those down moods lately so I'm sticking to random bullets this time!

  • I'm moving back to Fort Smith. Its a sore subject with me. I should be glad that I will be moving near my family..but hello..theres a BIG difference between being near them and actually living with them. I will not have my own kitchen or bathroom. I'm being pretty selfish I know. 
  • I'm also not going to be working at Target anymore. No more cool co-workers, fun atmosphere, and actually enjoying being "Fast, Fun, & Friendly" I'm also pretty upset about looking for a new job. I've applied at one place which I would LOVE to work at because even though I'm not in school studying to be a Social Worker anymore it would still be in Social Work environment and I think that rocks! 
  • I am really really going to miss Tulsa. I'm not going to have my best friend with me, I'm not going to have the chance to just randomly drive around town and explore new restaurants and sites, I'm not going to have my own apartment, or Timmy's State Fare..which by the way is the best biscuit gravy meal EVER! 
  • My friend Joe is a Marine and is stationed at Camp Pendleton and is going back over to Afghanistan..but good news is his plane landed in Tulsa so I got to go out to dinner with him and the family last night! Luckily I'll be moved back to The Fort before he gets deployed in a few weeks so I will get to see him again soon! 
  • I introduced Jessica to her first concert..We went and saw Rodney Atkins, Steel Magnolia, and Danny Gokey. In my opinion, your first concert should be a country concert..they are just the best! I've seen way too many..and I'm still waiting to see Mr. Garth Brooks! Ahh...Someday! =)
  • I accidentally burned a quarter size hole in one of my favorite tee shirts..my hot pink Eskimo Joe's one! I guess I need to either watch what I'm doing and not be such a klutz or plan a road trip back to Stillwater..or BOTH! 
  • Our friends Sam and Max's son Aiden had his first birthday! I can't believe all of our friends have little wee ones! I was talking the other day how by the time we have ever have kids, our friends kids will be almost preteen! 
  • I can't remember if I already blogged about it or not but Eli and I went to visit our friends Ladonna and Blue for their town's last annual Cruise Night..it was so hot but so fun! I finally got to meet Baby Elijah..I hadn't seen him since he was a day old in the hospital..last OCTOBER!
  • Oh, and some other random news..Our bathroom faucet has been running constantly for 2 months if not more (Luckily, our water bill hasn't increased!) Anyways..yeah maintenance comes to fix it the week before we move! What the hell!?
Hmm..I think thats enough ranting and raving for right now. I'll leave you with some pictures!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 3----Favorite TV Shows!

Alright, so once I post this it is definitely going to look like I have no life outside of Target! Even though I love so many shows, it doesn't mean I watch ALL of them religiously. I catch random episodes and then read summaries online to get caught up! =)

I had always heard of this show but I had never had an interest in it until Season 5. That was because some friends invited me up to the dorms one Thursday to watch it in the lounge. Boy, was that a mistake..I'm officially addicted! I think a big reason I didn't think I would like it because I grew up with my Mom always watching ER (back when it starred Mr. Clooney!) and I thought it was pretty boring! I have since watched pretty much watched all the seasons and if I haven't watched them I've at least read through the episodes. (Told ya I have no life!) Any other Grey's fans out there?

 Once again, thanks to my wonderful friends at NSU for getting me hooked!
Nothing beats a feel good comedy with hilarious one-liners!

I would recommend this show for all teenagers and adults! It's definitely NOT a chick-flick kind of show. Everyone can relate to a character, and NO you don't have to be overweight to understand! =)

I'm one of the people who Keep Up with the Kardashians! It is definitely one of those trashy reality shows..but you just can't help getting sucked into it when flipping the channels! I can't even explain why I watch it..Maybe they just intrigue me? lol

Last but not least....Parenthood! Just like Huge..Everyone can gain something from it and it proves that there are dysfunctional families out there besides your own! =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 2---Favorite Movies!

Just like music, I love way toooooo many different movies! I won't include the ones I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

30 Day Blogging! Day 1-----Favorite Song (s)

So I am about 7 days late but I figured why not, I'm going to do it anyway! This will give me the perfect excuse to keep up with blogging, and ya never know..I might just throw in some of my recent adventures and thoughts like I normally should! =)

The host of this great idea is Emily! So here it goes.......
I love all genre's of music...especially Country and Oldies from 1950-1990! (It is kinda of sad that the 90's are classified as "Oldies" =/  I'm going to try and list only 5!

Stand By Me - Originally by B.B. King but I love the Mickey Gilley version out of one of my favorite movies..Urban Cowboy!

Me & Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
I've always loved Janis Joplin ever since I was little..I once dressed up as her for halloween when I was about 10..probably a little inappropriate but my Momma couldn't change my mind! I wish I could find a picture of me!

Cross My Heart -George Strait
It was so hard to choose just one George song, but this one is probably the best..plus its out of another one of my favorite movies..Pure Country! (At this rate when "Favorite Movie" day comes around, I wont have any left to share!)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot -Pat Benetar
In my opinion, I think this is just one of those songs you will always rock out to! The guitar solo is not too bad either! =)

Six-Pack Summer -Phil Vassar
I just think this is one of those feel good songs of summer!

Hope you enjoy the tunes! Maybe you even found a new song or artist! =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My 1st Project!

My friend Jessica is always commenting on how much she loves my plain jane bulletin board hanging in my kitchen. Its nothing fancy, it has no theme or cute decorations. It does however have mementos, concert tickets, movie stubs, wedding and shower invitations, and a few random hanging knick-knacks. Crap---I just realized since I'm talking about this I should have taken a picture of MY board! I've lost my camera cord at the moment so maybe soon I will upload it! Anyways so a few months ago..think like APRIL, I had the idea of making Jessica one as a wedding/bachelorette gift. Well...I really didn't think it all through and I realized that I need to wait on making it because I would love to add bachelorette party, wedding, and any other random pictures we would take up to then. That being said, she didn't receive it on May 15th her wedding day, but more like a week after her June 12th birthday! =)

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Her favorite colors/prints are pink, black, zebra and polka dot with a dash of glam and Marilyn Monroe! I had built it all up in my mind, that by the time I actually got started on it, I was so stressed out! I AM NOT an artsy kind of person. I'm not that creative. I actually broke down crying because I couldn't get the damn hot glue gun to work!! Not a proud Bailey moment, trust me.

 For some reason, I can't get it to turn around. It's saved on my computer the right way so who knows, you get the idea of it!