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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My 1st Project!

My friend Jessica is always commenting on how much she loves my plain jane bulletin board hanging in my kitchen. Its nothing fancy, it has no theme or cute decorations. It does however have mementos, concert tickets, movie stubs, wedding and shower invitations, and a few random hanging knick-knacks. Crap---I just realized since I'm talking about this I should have taken a picture of MY board! I've lost my camera cord at the moment so maybe soon I will upload it! Anyways so a few months ago..think like APRIL, I had the idea of making Jessica one as a wedding/bachelorette gift. Well...I really didn't think it all through and I realized that I need to wait on making it because I would love to add bachelorette party, wedding, and any other random pictures we would take up to then. That being said, she didn't receive it on May 15th her wedding day, but more like a week after her June 12th birthday! =)

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Her favorite colors/prints are pink, black, zebra and polka dot with a dash of glam and Marilyn Monroe! I had built it all up in my mind, that by the time I actually got started on it, I was so stressed out! I AM NOT an artsy kind of person. I'm not that creative. I actually broke down crying because I couldn't get the damn hot glue gun to work!! Not a proud Bailey moment, trust me.

 For some reason, I can't get it to turn around. It's saved on my computer the right way so who knows, you get the idea of it!


  1. that is SUCH a cute idea. i love the quote about the dead body :)

  2. Girl! I was at Target yesterday, wearing a green skirt I got at Target a few year ago! haha! I tried to say hi a couple times, but you were busy with customers and you were also in the 10 ITEMS ONLY LINE! You should know better than that with me! ahaha! Dang it! I wanted to say hey! Cute Cute project Bailey!! I'm impressed, Miss Crafty!!

  3. hey bailey! thats a really cute board! i love it! who is your cousin??