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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 3----Favorite TV Shows!

Alright, so once I post this it is definitely going to look like I have no life outside of Target! Even though I love so many shows, it doesn't mean I watch ALL of them religiously. I catch random episodes and then read summaries online to get caught up! =)

I had always heard of this show but I had never had an interest in it until Season 5. That was because some friends invited me up to the dorms one Thursday to watch it in the lounge. Boy, was that a mistake..I'm officially addicted! I think a big reason I didn't think I would like it because I grew up with my Mom always watching ER (back when it starred Mr. Clooney!) and I thought it was pretty boring! I have since watched pretty much watched all the seasons and if I haven't watched them I've at least read through the episodes. (Told ya I have no life!) Any other Grey's fans out there?

 Once again, thanks to my wonderful friends at NSU for getting me hooked!
Nothing beats a feel good comedy with hilarious one-liners!

I would recommend this show for all teenagers and adults! It's definitely NOT a chick-flick kind of show. Everyone can relate to a character, and NO you don't have to be overweight to understand! =)

I'm one of the people who Keep Up with the Kardashians! It is definitely one of those trashy reality shows..but you just can't help getting sucked into it when flipping the channels! I can't even explain why I watch it..Maybe they just intrigue me? lol

Last but not least....Parenthood! Just like Huge..Everyone can gain something from it and it proves that there are dysfunctional families out there besides your own! =)

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