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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bullets & Pictures!

As you can tell..I FAIL at keeping up the blogging habit, yet I faithfully read everyone elses blog. (Kinda makes me sound like a creeper doesn't it?..whoops!)  My blog title sounds like a Country song to me! LOL
Anyways..I've been in just one of those down moods lately so I'm sticking to random bullets this time!

  • I'm moving back to Fort Smith. Its a sore subject with me. I should be glad that I will be moving near my family..but hello..theres a BIG difference between being near them and actually living with them. I will not have my own kitchen or bathroom. I'm being pretty selfish I know. 
  • I'm also not going to be working at Target anymore. No more cool co-workers, fun atmosphere, and actually enjoying being "Fast, Fun, & Friendly" I'm also pretty upset about looking for a new job. I've applied at one place which I would LOVE to work at because even though I'm not in school studying to be a Social Worker anymore it would still be in Social Work environment and I think that rocks! 
  • I am really really going to miss Tulsa. I'm not going to have my best friend with me, I'm not going to have the chance to just randomly drive around town and explore new restaurants and sites, I'm not going to have my own apartment, or Timmy's State Fare..which by the way is the best biscuit gravy meal EVER! 
  • My friend Joe is a Marine and is stationed at Camp Pendleton and is going back over to Afghanistan..but good news is his plane landed in Tulsa so I got to go out to dinner with him and the family last night! Luckily I'll be moved back to The Fort before he gets deployed in a few weeks so I will get to see him again soon! 
  • I introduced Jessica to her first concert..We went and saw Rodney Atkins, Steel Magnolia, and Danny Gokey. In my opinion, your first concert should be a country concert..they are just the best! I've seen way too many..and I'm still waiting to see Mr. Garth Brooks! Ahh...Someday! =)
  • I accidentally burned a quarter size hole in one of my favorite tee shirts..my hot pink Eskimo Joe's one! I guess I need to either watch what I'm doing and not be such a klutz or plan a road trip back to Stillwater..or BOTH! 
  • Our friends Sam and Max's son Aiden had his first birthday! I can't believe all of our friends have little wee ones! I was talking the other day how by the time we have ever have kids, our friends kids will be almost preteen! 
  • I can't remember if I already blogged about it or not but Eli and I went to visit our friends Ladonna and Blue for their town's last annual Cruise Night..it was so hot but so fun! I finally got to meet Baby Elijah..I hadn't seen him since he was a day old in the hospital..last OCTOBER!
  • Oh, and some other random news..Our bathroom faucet has been running constantly for 2 months if not more (Luckily, our water bill hasn't increased!) Anyways..yeah maintenance comes to fix it the week before we move! What the hell!?
Hmm..I think thats enough ranting and raving for right now. I'll leave you with some pictures!


  1. Bailey!! I have been missing you at Target... now I know why! I seriously have tried to hunt you down the last few times... so you're moving huh? I'm SOOO sad!! I have loved having a friend at Target! You still never really put exactly why you are moving, so I hope everything is ok. I'll still follow your blog, but you have to promise to make more posts! Good luck! I hope you can move back to Tulsa someday!!! God Bless You!

  2. Thank you Katie, I've missed you too!!I looked for you like a month before I moved last week, and I didn't know if you had found a new Target or what happened! lol I moved because Eli got a job offer in Michigan and I couldn't afford to stay in Tulsa by myself, and Ive drove his truck all these years so I wouldnt have had my own car. I'm living in Fort Smith with my family and trying to find a new job so I need all the luck I can get these days! You need to get a facebook so we can keep in touch more! =)

  3. We'll miss you in Tulsa! Cute blog!