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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip Back to Tulsa After 1 Week Away! -Part 1

What made the move back to Fort Smith a little bit easier was knowing I was going to come back that next weekend for a girls weekend!
I met Jessica in Sallisaw at her friend Christina's apartment and then the 3 of us drove back to T-Town together. I had heard a ton about Christina and vice versa considering we are Jessica's closest friends, Christina and I had only met at Jess's Bachelorette Party back in May and at Jessica's wedding, but we really hadn't gotten to know each other. Luckily the weekend was a blast and we definitely hit it off! Thursday we just stayed up late talking out on the patio, doing what girls do! Poor Keith was a good sport and stayed inside! Friday morning Jessica had to do her volunteer shift at the Homeless Shelter so Christina and I drove around Tulsa and found the house she used to live in, hit up a few thrift stores, and by then it was time to pick Jessica back up. We had originally planned on getting dolled up and going out for dinner and drinks. We since we had gotten up so early by the time we picked her up..we were starving and we're still in casual clothes so we just hit up Taco Bueno and then met up with our friend Krystal at Target. So Friday night was spent out on the patio again with a few drinks this time. Christina hit it big that day though..she scored the cutest clothes for like $12! A top and 2 pair of jeans (Those I got pictures of!..Yay me!) We also found some retro windsuits and a aisle of coffee cups! I was very proud of myself..I didnt buy any! (I collect coffee cups..Its kind of odd but oh well)


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