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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catching Up One Post At A Time--Fin & Feather Fall Festival

I cant believe I didn't post one single time in October. The whole month was pretty much a roller coaster of emotions and life changing events. Let's see. I'll try to update on everything from September 18th to now but I may have to continue tomorrow night when I get off work. Also, I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyway..but like Xanga, it will be fun to go back and read what happened to be in 2010 later on!

Eli and I moved back to Fort Smith on the 25th of September. I ended up being scheduled off that whole week of work so in a way it helped because I could get things taken care of and pack all of the stuff we had accumulated over the years. (Lets just say, We were still packing the morning of the move!..Hello Procrastination!) That being said, I tried to cram as much fun things into that week before we left! I hadn't been to the Fall Festival at Fin & Feather in years so I was kind of sad that it was the weekend of the 25th and we probably wouldn't get to go again this year. Well Jessica talked me into going with her, (We didnt get back till like 8, and I told Eli I would be home about 5ish..so she stayed till 1am helping me pack!) so she and I headed out Friday afternoon for a good ol' road trip together. She drove Keith's car which has a sunroof so you can imagine my delight when we had a good 2 hours to drive, country music, tons of laughter promised, and a sunroof to top it off! (We actually ended up being goofy and making a dance complete with hand motions I might add to "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland) It was definitely what I needed to bring my spirits up after that week and to get through the following morning. Sadly I didn't take many pictures while we were at the Festival. I'm still kind of sad about that. If you are from this neck of the woods, I'm sure you have heard of Fin & Feather. It's a resort on Lake Tenkiller. If not..hang your head in shame, and google it! =)
I wanted to buy one of everything at the booths...We ended up buying this wooden signs for just $5 (once again, I didn't get a picture of it) We decided on hot pink ones with black trim and black ribbon. The lady would personalize them there so on Jessica's she requested hers to say "The Gables" for her and Keith, and on mine since it looked girly I decided I wanted a cute quote..of course the first thing that popped in my head was "Pink is my signature color" out of the one and only Steel Magnolias! =) We met up with Heather and she went on and on about the food she planned on getting once we got there..Loaded Baked Potato topped with Brisket ....HELLO HEAVEN! It was amazing and so much..we all 3 ended up eating on it! Once again, bad blogger award for me..I didn't get a picture of it!

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