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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where has time gone!?

Wow, I cant even remember what all I have been up to since last time I blogged. I'll try to remember though! I know that we went to Fort Smith. We ended up not being able to see Morgann and Kevin. We visited with Eli's grandparents for awhile, and then headed over to see Max & Sam. Little Aiden is almost here!! This past weekend was the first weekend in months that I didnt go to any garage sales! Boo Hoo! =(
This coming Monday, We're heading to Fort Smith to meet up with my family and drop Gracie off at the vets, then we are heading to the Beautiful, Wonderful, Absolutely Amazing Hot Springs! I cant wait! Eli hasnt been, I told him to hang his head in shame! We'll more to update next week!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I cant believe the weekend is already over!
Friday morning, I talked Eli into trying a different place to eat breakfast so he took me to Cracker Barrel! I had never been there for breakfast, when I lived in Fort Smith I had only been to the one in Alma for dinner. Anyways I was really excited, and the service ended up being horrible. She pretty much lost her tip before we even ordered our food. Neither one of us like grits and it said that you could substitute for something else, so we told her what we would like. She made substituting sound like such a big ordeal and had the nerve to say, why dont I just not bring the grits out with your order, you get enough food as it is! Can you believe that?! We were both just dumbfounded. On top of that, Eli's eggs werent even cooked all the way, they were even cold! Keep in mind, Eli doesnt like to cause scenes or take food back when its not his way so he asked the lady if she could bring him another order..I guess they just microwaved them because they were still cold in the middle. It was pretty disgusting. Even though the service was horrible, we still had fun looking at the gift shop! I wanted just about one of everything! I only walked out with candy sucker sticks, I couldnt resist =)
After that, we spent the afternoon going to the big flea market and to various thrift shops. We actually found a couple of good condition couches for only $75 we were so tempted to take them home with us but we dont have any room at the moment. We really cant get one until September, thats when we are moving to bigger and definitely better apartment! YAY!

Yesterday, we did our usual breakfast at Golden Corral. (Yes, it seems like all we do is eat, but I promise its only on the weekends =) ) Anyways after we left there, we ended up going to a couple of thrift stores and garage sales but didnt find anything, except another couch! =( After that, we came home so Eli could go to bed before work, he had been up for like 24 hours. Whoops!

Today was tiring day for some reason. I woke up at like 430 and ended up staying up till Eli got home at 6, he surprised me with breakfast at Tally's on Route 66..they have the best breakfast! We came home and slept for a while, then hung around the house for a bit. Ended up going to this place called Panchos. It was pretty good. It was really authentic food. I didnt feel too good when we left there so I came home and layed down and decided to read for a bit, well I ended up going to sleep for a few hours. I was half asleep when Eli left for work. I dont know why I am so tired.

I left my school book in the truck, so I cant study tonight even though I have a test so looks like I will be studying on the way tomorrow. I have some good news/bad news, I have mixed feelings about it. This will be our last Monday/Tuesday to work on moving stuff out of the Tahlequah apartment. Tomorrow we're getting things and Tuesday we're cleaning it, Thursday we're paying the last of the rent we owe and turning in our keys! I'm glad to be rid of the apartment and dealing with moving stuff out of there and having to pay for 2 apartments but I am sad because I drive by it everytime I go to school considering its 2 blocks away and it was our FIRST apartment as a couple. I'm so sentimental sometimes.

We're heading to the fort Monday night and Tuesday night. I'm going to finally get to meet Ethan Cole Kiene! Ive seen pictures but I have a feeling they wont do him justice! We are also going to see one of Eli's best friends from home. Max, his fiance Sam is having a little boy in a couple of weeks. Babies are everywhere! They have decided on the name Aiden. They just got themselves a house so we are going to go see it and maybe grill out over there.

Until next time!

This was a pyramid of bowling balls we saw at the flea market!

I forgot to mention that we also snuck in some Birthday Cake W/Sprinkles at Marble Slab. Yummy!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thunder & Lightning

I'm sitting here crossing my fingers for some rain! It said 30% tonight but it so loud I'm hoping it really storms so it cool things off just a little bit.
Eli and I went to Tahlequah and Fort Smith Monday, we were going to come back Tuesday but we ended up coming back this afternoon. My friends Morgann and Kevin checked into the hospital last night so she can start having her little boy, and since I hadnt seen them since I moved away Eli suggested we stay another night so I could go up to the hospital (He has been such a sweetie lately!) Well she ended up having him today at 5:10pm. Little Ethan Cole weighed 8lbs and was 20 inches long with a full head of black hair! I have yet to see him because I was already back in Tulsa by 5, but Mom told me all of the details! We have to go back down there next Monday so I will get to meet him then! =)
Other exciting news, was we FINALLY got our cell phones back! I was so excited about having unlimited text back that when I got back in the car, I had no idea who to text! lol lets just say that only lasted a lil bit!
We moved our big overstuffed chair up here today. Its in the middle of the living room because we have no room in this apartment for anything and neither one of us can bear to get rid of it, He has his pieces that mean alot to him, I have a few things that I'm not willing to get rid of, and then of course we have the furniture we got together as a couple. So for the next 2 months, we cant have company over because stuff is piled on top of stuff it seems like! lol
We have been looking at apartments any chance we get, and today I found a place that has year round fishing for Eli, big grassy lawn for Gracie, and according to the pictures huge kitchen counter space for me! We are going to go by there tomorrow or Friday. Lets hope its as good as it sounds!
I dont think I have anything else to update on. Maybe more tomorrow!

and just for the record now that I am done typing, I dont hear thunder anymore or see any lightning =(

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A couple of pictures!

Eli & I...its kind of an old picture, hes lost weight since this picture if you cant tell!

The Birthday Boy! He's going to be mad I uploaded this..he had just woken up not too long before this! I made him his favorite brownies.
Eli woke me up with breakfast & flowers! Thats why I love love love him!

This is my family's land that alot of us go swimming at! This is Lee Creek, it runs over our property.
Please excuse our ugly couch! We're looking for a new one! (I guess its part of living on your own for the first time..you get random used furniture!)

so much for calling this my journal

Pictures are in a seperate post! I cant get it to work on here. I am computer illiterate sometimes..Whoops!

I cant even update regularly! There hasnt been alot going on since I last updated. Trying to stay outta this Oklahoma heat! It was a 104 here today! Eli had to work 4th of July so my mom and Cole came up and got me and took me back to Fort Smith so I could spend it with the family! Sunday, my friend Liz and I drove up to Tahlequah, since she hasnt been up there and we went took the river and hung out a bit. Gracie loved the water until it got too deep for her poor thing! Something came up at the barn and Liz couldnt take me back to Tulsa afterall so Mom met us in Vian and she took me back home! I cant wait to get a job so I can get my car and wont have to rely on people!) Anyways Monday Eli and I went to Tahlequah because I had class and he was off work so we had planned on moving some more things out of our old apartment. Well you know us, change of plans! The weather just seemed to change our minds. We ended up going to the river and hanging out for awhile. I called Jessica to join us when she got off work, but she didnt feel good so we ended up going out to eat with her! After a year of living in Tahlequah, we finally made it to a new place...Fish's BBQ! It doesnt look too apetizing on the outside but everyone is right..it is delicious!! I had the best brisket I have had in a long time! They even have tee shirts that say "Tahlequah's Best Kept Secret"..isnt that the truth! Well by then it was getting dark so we didnt move anything! Wednesday I got up early and met Jessica for breakfast before my class and we watched Dazed & Confused. She had never seen it! Thats crazy to me! We finally got Gracie trimmed and it was our first time to ever find a groomer in Tulsa, so if anyone reads this and lives in this area please suggest someone for us! I still havent gotten a picture of the "After" look. I think she has been looking away from the camera. I think shes embarrassed! LOL They trimmed her way too short I think, and she now looks like a boy dog. Its kinda sad. Oh well. She will only look like that for a couple of weeks! While she was at the groomers we grabbed a bite to eat and drove around, found a Goodwill of Tulsa, and I applied for a job there. *Crosses Fingers* This weekend was kind of depressing in the Garage Sale front..there were hardly any! Yesterday was Eli's birthday..hes the big 2-2! lol He said he feels like an old man..I dont think so baby! I cant believe its already another Monday..where has summer gone! Then again I'm ready for July 30th! Its my last day of my summer classes and my family is planning on coming up that weekend!! Whoo hoo! I start back on August 20th but luckily it wont be that bad..I'll only have to drive on Tuesday/Thursdays! YAY!