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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Start of a 3 Month Recap?

:::EDIT::: Obviously I do not blog enough because I can't get all of my pictures to load and align correctly so I can continue typing under the pictures. That being said, I will continue with more posts.. It's just going be broke up over numerous posts instead of one big gigantic one!

I'm watching the CMAs so I thought why not blog during commercials.

On that note, since so so so much has happened in the last 3 months..why not do good ol' fashion bullets, with pictures of course! =)

  • On March 29th, I was in a car accident and totaled the truck. I was fine except for a slight bruise on the forehead, and severe whiplash. I pretty much had a blowout on the highway going 65-70, plus I had the cruise control set. It could have been A LOT worse but according to the EMTs and police officer I was very lucky to be alive. The highway is a 4 laner and I happened to be in the middle lane eastbound; so when I tried to brake the truck of course jerked back and forth so I went off onto the shoulder, went back on the road but since I was going so fast I swerved all the way back to the left and hit the median on the driver side..THEN..I with the impact of that I swerved back over to the outside lane and spun in front of a FREAKING SEMI..and with that I ended up slamming against the median AGAIN and finally coming to a stop facing westbound! I was more shaken up than anything because I just remember a slight glimpse of the front of that semi truck. I was on the phone when it happened (YES, I know I shouldn't have been!) with my Grandma so she heard me say OMG! and the phone just went dead. So when the ambulance showed up I immediately told them and asked them to call her in Fort Smith and tell her I was alright. I am still grateful that the nice EMT lady called long distance for me and talked to my Grandma and calmed her down..by the way her and my Grandpa had already phoned the Tulsa Police because I didn't call right back. To make a long story short..the insurance company totaled it out yet it was still driveable so we went ahead and bought a used bed for it because even though the tire that caused the wreck was the back driver side tire..all the damage was on the passenger side of the bed because that's how I finally landed. So we finally have the truck back and I have started driving on highways again just not that particular one because I can still see the black marks on the median wall! So with all of that said, I am very thankful to have God watching over me that day, I could have died right there during noon traffic but God made sure that no other cars were involved. The truck honestly doesn't look that bad in the pictures.

Eli decided he wanted a cat. We have Gracie, but he felt that Gracie was more my dog because she always likes to cuddle and follow me around the apartment, but she's a Mama's girl what can I say? ;-) Just for the record, I'm scared of cats. I'm not sure why but they have always scared especially when they open their mouth. Well unfortunately I agreed he could have a cat because he was raised with plenty of them growing up and he promised to find a litterbox trained one. Well..he found a Seal-Point Siamese that was about a year old named Whisk. Luckily her and Gracie got along and played well, and they even took naps together which made me happy. The downfall was that she was a total attention whore and would do act up just because we weren't paying attention to her because we were getting dressed or cooking, just everything. Also, she would end up meowing and crying ALL night long so we had to get rid of her. I think she even started annoying Gracie those last few days together. Eli agreed we needed to find a new home for because he soon realized he was not a cat person anymore and Gracie was just enough for us. It just so happened, that ever since Whisk left, she has loved her Daddy even more! =)

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    1. Oh my goodness! I'm SO glad you're ok! Sounds so scary!