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Friday, May 7, 2010

Future Baby Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
I hardly ever participate in Show Us Your Life hosted by Kelly, but this week I just couldn't resist! I've been obsessed with baby names since I was little and used to play school. I know it probably sounds weird, but hopefully I'm not the only one! =) I think I'm also a big fan of unique names because my name wasn't so popular back in the day!

I love so many names, but of course Eli will only agree on one or two. I suggested my absolutely favorite boys name to him, and after much thought he finally agreed he liked it too!! *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

Wyatt Walker

Girl names on the other hand are more challenging. There are just too many beautiful names! There is...

Which I was supposed to be named but my dad wasnt a big fan, also..from the looks of other blogs Kennedy is a big hit at the moment.
Mackenzie Mae 
Eli's middle name is Mackenzie, and my grandmother's middle name is Mae; We both agree on this name!
Tenley or Menley 
They just seem so pretty and southern to me.
My great-grandmother's name was Icy Gertrude; Eli really likes that name and as much as I loved my great-grandmother..I still can't completely warm up to it
I've always loved the names Emma & Elise, so I figured why not combine them? I've met a few Annalises and it works for them!
Maybe call her her Emmy!
As a middle name only, they seem to work with all the names I like.

I think that about covers most of them! Hope you enjoy =)


  1. 'Ello Wifey, Wyatt is an alright name, I can settle with that.. But if we have a girl, her name is going to be Icy... That's just an awesome unique name to have, in my opinion anyways. Love you!

  2. Bailey, I love those cute names! I have to say Kennedy is a favorite in my book! :) Good choices!