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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thunder & Lightning

I'm sitting here crossing my fingers for some rain! It said 30% tonight but it so loud I'm hoping it really storms so it cool things off just a little bit.
Eli and I went to Tahlequah and Fort Smith Monday, we were going to come back Tuesday but we ended up coming back this afternoon. My friends Morgann and Kevin checked into the hospital last night so she can start having her little boy, and since I hadnt seen them since I moved away Eli suggested we stay another night so I could go up to the hospital (He has been such a sweetie lately!) Well she ended up having him today at 5:10pm. Little Ethan Cole weighed 8lbs and was 20 inches long with a full head of black hair! I have yet to see him because I was already back in Tulsa by 5, but Mom told me all of the details! We have to go back down there next Monday so I will get to meet him then! =)
Other exciting news, was we FINALLY got our cell phones back! I was so excited about having unlimited text back that when I got back in the car, I had no idea who to text! lol lets just say that only lasted a lil bit!
We moved our big overstuffed chair up here today. Its in the middle of the living room because we have no room in this apartment for anything and neither one of us can bear to get rid of it, He has his pieces that mean alot to him, I have a few things that I'm not willing to get rid of, and then of course we have the furniture we got together as a couple. So for the next 2 months, we cant have company over because stuff is piled on top of stuff it seems like! lol
We have been looking at apartments any chance we get, and today I found a place that has year round fishing for Eli, big grassy lawn for Gracie, and according to the pictures huge kitchen counter space for me! We are going to go by there tomorrow or Friday. Lets hope its as good as it sounds!
I dont think I have anything else to update on. Maybe more tomorrow!

and just for the record now that I am done typing, I dont hear thunder anymore or see any lightning =(

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