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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Topsy-Turvy Tuesday

Today was just one of those days. I felt really weird when I woke up this morning, but I of course thought it was because I actually went to bed early for a change. I hit snooze a few times even though I didn't need it, I just didn't feel like getting out of bed! I eventually got up, ate my cereal, read and watched the news headlines, and went on to leave for Tahlequah. On the way down there, I felt sick and just plain tired all of a sudden so I decided to skip my afternoon class since I knew the assignment anyway. So (yes, I am aware that I tend to ramble until I get to the point of the story!) it was a good thing I had planned to skip class or else I would have been up a creek without a paddle! My friend Jessica and I had parked next to each other, so as we were leaving, the truck wouldn't start! I actually didn't panic for once. Jessica told me to call campus police and they would come jump start the battery so I called them..the guy that actually came was a jerk. It wouldn't do anything so he was like I can't do anything for you except tell you to call a tow truck, and I'm not a mechanic but it sounds like it is the starter. Well I immediately think..oh great. Starters + Tow Trucks are expensive! Well I called my grandpa to see what he might think it is. I always go to my grandpa...he knows everything in my book! =) Well him and my grandma came up there so in the meantime I just waited at Jessica's place until they got there. We ended up going to an auto part store, a starter was going to be $179.00 but we didn't even know for sure if it was the starter, so luckily they employees at the store knew a mechanic that would actually go up to the campus and tell me for sure what was wrong with it. I kid you not..he showed up and popped that hood up and twisted a knob on the battery and told me to start it up! It was so easy! the positive knob had came loose, I didn't need a starter afterall! Praise the Lord! I only had to end up paying $20 for the mechanic. By then, I think my grandparents and I were about to pass out because we had been outside forever it seemed. We went and ate at Town Branch then we headed our different ways. I went back to Tulsa, and they went back to The Fort. Oh and while this was going on today..Eli was asleep and not answering my phone calls! Even though it was kinda of a crappy situation, I'm glad I got to see my Grandmommy Mae & PaPaw Tommy! (even though I'm going to The Fort this weekend..oh well!) Anyways today has worn me out..plus I'm sunburned from waiting outside all afternoon! Just call me Rudolph!! =)

I think I'm going to go to bed early again tonight..after I pick up the kitchen. blah!

Yesterday was a good day though, Monday & Tuesdays are usually pretty good days because Eli is off so we can hang out and do different things around town. After I got home from school I talked him into going to Bass Pro Shop to look around. Its my belief that you dont have to buy something there..its fun to just go look! We ended up buying some old fashion hard candy and he bought me a cool keychain with my initals on it! We also went to PetCo and bought our Gracie Boo Boo a bed since she is obsessed with laying on our pillows..so now she has her own. I also bought some iron on letters tonight so dress up her bed a lil bit. Its not pink like I wanted.

Well thats it for today.

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