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Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Review

I'd like to first say that I am beyond thankful that I spent another year with the ones I love dearly. I love my family so much, and my friends also!! They are the ones that I dont have to put up with me but they do anyways! =)

2009 definitely had its ups and downs. I just have to keep telling myself that things happen for a reason, I just have to have faith that good will come from some of it!!

  • January/March- Nothing too exciting happened in our lives, Eli lost his job and we survived off of my itty bitty bakery paycheck and we were okay! We made it through the first of many tough times. I was also in my 2nd semester of college in NSU!
    April- Eli got a job in Tulsa and he moved to Tulsa without me.
  • May- School ended, I packed up the rest of our stuff and moved to Tulsa also. We also got our furry child, Gracie. She is an absolute delight. She brightens our hearts everyday. Gracie is completely spoiled but we love her and she is our baby. She acts like a little child. She is 2 years old. 
  • June/July- I commuted to Tahlequah for summer classes and I began looking for a job. 
  • August- I finally landed a job at Tar-Jay! Within 3 days...I started work, started my 3rd semester of college, and we moved into a much a bigger apartment! 
  • September- We were finally on our feet and officially getting used to being grownups. Considering in Tahlequah, our families were supporting us for the most part financially. 
  • October- Eli and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary and 5 years of knowing each other! =) We also officially set a wedding date. NOVEMBER 27th, 2010! <3
  • November- I had to withdrawal from school for some personal reasons. Even though I felt it was the thing I had to do at the moment and I felt that everything happens for a reason. It still breaks my heart that I'm not in school. I feel like such a failure sometimes. Eli, my family, and my friends who know have been supportive and assure me all the time that I will return soon. God, I hope so! 
  • December- We are finally getting the hang of managing our money and making responsible decisions. Eli's friend Max moved in with us temporarily until he can find a job. Max lost his job, so Eli told him that there are better job opportunities up here. Luckily within a couple of weeks he got a job at Dish Network and training starts after the New Year. He will be back tomorrow! 
Here's to 2010! I hope it is wonderful and I want nothing more than health and happiness for my family and friends. I would be completely lost without my family. I'm also excited for this time next year because next new years I will be ringing it in as Mrs. Eli Williams!!!!! Aww, I'm so excited!! 

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  1. Oh I totally had the BSC stuff too! And my husband moved to Tulsa without me shortly after we met! He ended up moving back to Arkansas to be with me (awww). I can't think of the name of the building he worked in but it is a really, really tall one.