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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Okay, well I tend to babble on forever and I didnt think I had that much to update on but I really do soooo...I'm just going to bullet it! (GASP!) try at least! =)

  • I finally finally got a job! I work at the new Target that just opened up. Its the biggest in town! Its huge! Anyways I am on the Guest Services Team, which I love because I love talking and meeting new people. Target customers are the greatest!
  • I finally got my wisdom teeth out. I had been having trouble with them for months, and I just now got my insurance and things taken care so I could go. I love soups, but I was so tired of eating them. Mom came up here to stay with me the day of, well the day before she hurt her knee so she was on crutches. Of course, she didnt tell me any of this until she made the drive up here. She knew that if she told me I would have made her stay home! I felt bad for Eli because he was taking care of me and then he would help my mom up and down the stairs at our apartment! Anyway it turned out well! The week after surgery, I was so mean to Eli. He tried to take care of me and wait on me hand and foot and I was just so upset and hungry so I decided to take it out on everyone else. Anyways we quickly made up. Just last week, we went to Texas Roadhouse to eat because I was feeling alot better! He surprised me when he made me soft foods. He will be embarrassed I put it on here but he does sweet things so randomly I have to gush about it! =)
  • Labor Day weekend some of my family from Memphis, came to see all of us in Fort Smith, so Eli and I drove down there to visit with them! Uncle Bobby & Aunt Frances are my grandma's brother and sister-in-law, LeeAnn is their daughter, and Marley is the great-grand baby! She is absolutely adorable, and I just wanted to take her back to Oklahoma with me. I think she would have went too! I have alot of pictures but I will just put my favorites! She loved Eli's spaghetti, she was ready for a nap afterwards.
  • I went to Fort Smith because my mom and her friends were throwing a garage sale. I was so excited because I was putting in a brand new partician that Eli and I had bought for our apartment but it wouldnt stand on our kind of carpet so we never used it. I was sure someone would buy it! Its gorgeous, but no takers. I was also selling our bar stools since we didnt need them in our new place, they are in great condition, they are made of a heavy wood with nice backs on them. Once again, no takers. A girl I went to school with bought them though, so they are going to a good home. If you would like a partician, leave me a comment and I will post a picture! Its about 6 feet tall, black and dark red with wood frame, it has a chinese them to it, but I dont really see it, the flowers and artwork on it remind me of orchids! Its really pretty, I wish we had a place for it. We paid $100 for it, but we are asking $50-75 for it. Its been unfolded probably 3 times. For the past 2 years, its been leaning against a wall unused! Trust me, your getting a good deal!
  • Also while I was in town, I met up with Sam & Max and finally got to meet Aiden! He is just as precious too! I didnt get a good picture of him though. I will next week though!
  • Last but not least....WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! Eli and I have finally decided to choose a date and just do it! We have decided on November 27th, 2010. We really like the idea of a fall wedding, anyway you do it, it will always be beautiful. At first, we were going to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas and getting married outside at a Bed & Breakfast, The 1890 Williams House Inn. Which I think is gorgeous, homey, laid-back, and everything I'm looking for. The downside is we would have the reception when we got back, and not that many people would want to travel since its Thanksgiving weekend, even though its only 2 hours. So we have decided to just go ahead and get married at the church, it would be alot easier for people and my family. No location is absolutely official, so we will most likely change our minds by January. I just want a stressfree wedding with no drama coming from either sides of our family. (His grandparents, My aunt and uncles) So hopefully our day will go as planned and everyone will be happy. I have alot more to discuss about the wedding, but thats for a whole new post!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! My weekend will start Monday at 4pm. I'm going to Fort Smith for my birthday. Its Tuesday! =)

Until next time..

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