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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

this weekend..

I am going to update with lots of pictures and news! Lots has happened since I really did an update.

The reason I havent done it sooner is because I have been soooo sick. I havent had the flu, just flu like symptoms. Saturday the doctor said I had an upper respiratory infection and gave me amoxicillion yet I still didnt feel any better yesterday so I went back last night and I saw a different doctor and she was actually more helpful and gave me a sinus x-ray and come to find out I have a severe sinus infection! and for some reason..im nauseous. We still cant figure that one out.

Anyway I start my new medicine tomorrow so this weekend I should be in tip top shape and ready to upload lots of pics!

and since I cant be in fort smith under my momma's care I'll leave you with a picture of us last time I was in town! =)

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